Soins pour le corps et produits de bain

Produits de soins naturels pour le corps, locaux & véganes

Buy Renaissance's Natural Bath & Body Care Products

Your bath and shower are a place to relax, unwind and enjoy your body care routine. At Renaissance Glove, we make it possible for you to mix and match the best modern bath products with timeless body care products. From luxurious bath ritual kits to hydrating body milk, enwrap your entire body with our natural bath and body products. Our bath and body care line combines quality, nourishing botanicals with premium fragrances and finishes with no added parabens that may irritate sensitive skin.

Buy Our Natural Bath Kits

Renaissance's natural bath ritual kits were crafted to make your bath ritual a more dreamy and beautiful experience. With our vegan bath products, you can enjoy a heavenly combination of flowers including rose buds and Gomphrena flowers, botanical oils, and floating candles. You may find yourself indulging in a full-body or partial-body soak - whatever it may be, Renaissance's relaxing bath products will leave you in complete tranquility when you step into the tub.

All Natural Shower Gels, Body Lotions, & Botanical Oils

Whether it's during your shower to get that refreshing and clean feel, or afterward to get that hydrated and nourished skin, we want you to enjoy your bath and body experience every step of the way. Derived from 100% natural ingredients, Renaissance Glove's natural shower gel contains eucalyptus that will deeply nourish your skin. You can amp up the experience by using our exfoliating body mitt, which helps eliminate dead skin and deeply cleanses the skin. After your Renaissance Glove exfoliation, it is recommended to soften and renew your skin with our botanical oils.End your body ritual with our hydrating body milk lotion that will leave your skin feeling moisturized and soft to the touch. Our body milk is made from organic coconut oil and aloe vera extracts, so you'll enjoy an all-over nourishing feel and a heavenly scent to go along with it.

Why Should You Buy Renaissance's Natural Bath & Body Care Products?

Renaissance Glove is constantly innovating new ways to make your body look and feel its best. Our natural bath and body care products contain nourishing ingredients that will make the best difference in your bathroom routine. We are dedicated to delivering a full line of natural body products so that you can enjoy an all-inclusive bathing experience every time. Whether you want to smooth over rough spots with our exfoliating glove or apply your favourite shower gel and feel serenely cleansed all day long, we have what you're looking for at Renaissance.